The Cure

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A small town in Mexico begins to feel the effects of an unknown disease moving across the region, forcing the local pastor to question his faith and make an ethical decision that will impact the lives of everyone in his village. An offer from a sinner seeking redemption forces the pastor to search deep within himself for an answer on how to best serve his followers. As the pastor grapples with this decision and his sins from a former life, he struggles to separate right from wrong as the fate of an entire community rests in his morally-challenged hands.

Geromino - Rafa Sigler 
Justina - Liliana Moreno 
Javier - Ivan Velazquez
Elerna - Mirna Bustamante 

Directed - Danay Garcia and Leandro Arvelo 
Executive Producer - Danay Garcia 
Director of Photography - Heriberto Luzanilla 
Written by Danay Garcia 
Art Director - Santiago Madera 
Sound of Music Editor - Andres Acosta 
Editor - Carissa Bussey 
Costume Design by Majo Castillo 
Graphic Design by Mago Atelier 

Technical Information 
Short Film/US
Film Location/Mexico 
DCP/5.1 Sound
English Subtitles 


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