The Unique Brain: Shining a Light on ADHD

With Shery Dockree


I was thrilled to talk brains, collaboration and inclusivity with Sherri Dockree on this episode of the Danay Garcia Podcast! Sherri shares with us her personal experiences with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and clears up some of the common myths and misconceptions around ADHD. In addition to being a neurodiversity advocate, Sherri is a certified applied neuroscience consultant, corporate trainer and coach who works with adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD or struggle with attention, focus, productivity and emotion regulation issues. 

Sherri shines a light on the neuroscience behind ADHD, and the fascinating ways neurodiversity contributes to our homes and workplaces as well as the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in our neurodiverse world.

This is an important conversation for anyone who is, knows, or loves someone who is neurodiverse…which is all of us! 


What seeds will you plant today?

Danay Garcia interviews ADHD expert Sherri Lojzer on her Podcast.


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