The Art Of Feeling Everything At Once

With Steven Ogg
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This week on “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I was thrilled to talk with actor and human extraordinaire, Steven Ogg whom you might know for his roles as Simon “The Walking Dead”, Trevor Phillips –GTA V video game and his upcoming show “Snowpiercer.” season 2 which will air in January 2021. Steven brings his unique energy and perspective to our conversation with an openness and transparency that I’m sure you will appreciate as much as I did.

Together, we explore a range of topics including how our choices guide our lives and impact those around us; the affect the pandemic has had on the creative process (and every other process, for that matter); and the very real and relatable ups and downs of modern life. Steven shares experiences from his storied career, and challenges us to look thoughtfully at what we each face when we wake up in the morning.

What are the seeds you can plant in your life today?

Steven Ogg ADT star is our next guest on Danay Garcia Podcast


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