Star in the Movie of Your Life

With Peter Sage


We are jumping into Season 2 of The Danay Garcia Podcast, tapping into the power of our potential, and re-evaluating our mindsets! I was thrilled to kick off the new season by welcoming to the podcast, entrepreneur, writer, philosopher and motivational speaker, Peter Sage.

While we all are born with natural potential, where things go after that gets a little….complicated. Our environments, our choices, habits, and friends all form, direct, and re-direct the trajectory of our lives. Where are we seeking validation? How does living with joy today affect us tomorrow?

Peter offers us tools and vivid imagery to help us examine where we are at right now, and make the adjustments to get to where we want to go. He reminds us we need to cast ourselves as the stars in the movies of our own lives.

What seeds will you plant today?


Danay Garcia Podcast Interview Peter Sage


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