Revealing Your Resilience

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You’ve got this!

Dr. Aditi and I both believe in you! I’m so honored to welcome Dr. Aditi Nerurkar to this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast.” Dr. Aditi is a renowned Harvard-trained doctor, researcher and public health expert who is passionate about helping us all discover our resilience, plant seeds and build the habits that will set us up for long-term well-being.

Even with the challenging circumstances of surviving a pandemic, we all have uncomplicated tools at our disposal to make today just a little bit better than yesterday. Focusing on realistic goals, feeling good, and building habits over time, Dr. Aditi and I share our strategies for self-care that improve our overall mental, emotional and physical health, and ultimately help us to help others.

What are the seeds you will plant in your life?

Dr Aditi Nerurkar and Danay Garcia talk about the art of revealing your resilient side


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