Breaking the Anxiety Cycle


With the demands of our current world, we are collectively spending so much time in our heads and if we don’t suffer from anxiety ourselves, we certainly know somebody who does. On this episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” I was so happy to talk with Dr. Russell Kennedy, “The Anxiety MD,” who shared his personal experience with anxiety, as well as his unique approach we can all take to start breaking our cycles of anxiety.

In addition to being a physician, Dr. Russell is a neuroscientist, author of “Anxiety Rx,” and a stand-up comedian. He explores with us the importance of understanding the nuances and origins of anxiety and fear, and tools we can use to better understand and work through our emotional, mental and physical responses to trauma and stress. It’s important to get out of our heads sometimes!

What seeds will you plant today?  

Danay Garcia sits down with Dr Russell Kennedy anxiety specialist in Danay Garcia Podcast


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