No Brain, No Gain


Taking care of our bodies takes more than eating our veggies and lifting weights to build muscles. We need to take care of the most important muscle of all – our brains.

This week, on the Danay Garcia Podcast, I sit down and talk all things brain with Louisa Nicola, a neuroscientist, neuropsychologist, host of “The Neuro Experience” podcast, and founder of Neuro Athletics.

In her work with elite athletes, Louisa focuses on training the brain in partnership the body. An athlete herself, Louisa provides an approachable introduction to neuroscience, and together we explore the keys to caring for, training, and maximizing our brain power.

Show some love to your beautiful brain, and ask yourself, what are the seeds you will plant and grow in your life?


Louisa Nicola and Danay Garcia talk about the best muscle in our bodies which is our brains


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