Don’t Give Up at the Starting Line

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The importance of community and collaborative perseverance hit home for me on this week’s episode of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” as I talked with my friend and “Fear The Walking Dead” cast mate, Darryl “Chill” Mitchell. It was a joy and a privilege to laugh and swap stories from the set with Chill, and to hear his inspiring personal journey.


While a motorcycle accident took Chill’s ability to walk years into his career, the accident and his injuries gave him a new perspective on life, work, relationships, and what it means to be a representative of the disabled community. Currently working on two franchise shows (“NCIS:New Orleans”& “FTWD”) Chill, encourages all of us to take nothing for granted, help each other, and keep going, because “You can’t give up at the starting line.”


What are the seeds you will plant in your life?

Danay Garcia and Daryl Chill Mitchell from NCIS NEW ORLEANS sit down and talk about life and work in times of a pandemic


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