Cut with Care


On our favorite actors, simple clothes become costumes that help define characters, tell a story, and affect how we feel as we watch. I sat down this week with Fear the Walking Dead’s brilliant Costume Designer, Jo Katsaras, who shared her fascinating journey into costume design, as well as her approach to multi-dimensional story telling through the costumes you see us wear every week.

Growing up in South Africa, Jo was fascinated with culture, color and people. Her never-ending curiosity helped develop her skills, talent and intuition that made her not just a wizard with scissors and design, but a beloved presence on set. Jo reminds us that some of the most important skills and gifts we can give to each other are kindness, collaboration, and healthy communication. 

What seeds will you plant today?  

Danay Garcia sits with costume designer of Fear the Walking Dead Jo Katsaras.


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