Collecting Seeds

With Danay Garcia


 It was so special reconnecting with you on my Instagram- LIVE!

On this episode of Danay Garcia Podcast, I talk about the importance of taking breaks and being intentional about stepping back and stepping away. When you even think about taking a break – that usually means you are running out of gas, and it is time to nurture your mind, body and spirit. 

Make a plan to spend some quality time with yourself! Alone time can sometimes be intimidating, but if you approach it with intentionality, you can ensure it is a special time of healing and renewal. This is what I call projecting and visualizing the best rest to regain your superpowers.

Make sure to write down your victories! We’re half way through the year already – it feels like it’s flying by, because you have been doing so much!   Make a list of your accomplishments, prioritize your next victories and attack them!

Never forget you are a special human and you have the power to live your life to the fullest ~ and have fun in the process.

What seeds will you plant today?



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