Change Your Tempo

With Osiel Gouneo


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To hear Osiel Gouneo share the lessons and experiences of his life, is to share in his contagious joy, astounding passion, and wisdom beyond his years. I was thrilled to welcome Osiel as my guest this week on “The Danay Garcia Podcast.” A principal dancer with Bayersiches Staatsballett in Munich, Germany, Osiel’s story began as a young boy in Cuba, where he quickly fell in love with, and dedicated his life to ballet.

Osiel was generous enough to share the seeds he’s cultivated through his demanding career – seeds that transcend dance and the arts. Use the tools you are given, and breathe life into your work. Stand up for yourself. Innovate and push yourself. Go back to the basics when you feel stuck. Change the tempo and adapt. Explore, go for it, and be free.

What are the seeds you will plant in your life?

Osiel Gouneo is ballet dancer and is the nest guest on Danay Garcia Podcast


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