A Special Chat with Ruben Blades: In the Key of Curiosity


Hold on to your hats because this week on The Danay Garcia Podcast we are treated to the incomparable wisdom and humor of legendary Renaissance man, Rubén Blades. Rubén looks back into his upbringing in Panama to pass along the lessons that have carried him through an incredible and award-winning career in music, acting, and public service.

I’m thankful to work with Rubén on “Fear the Walking Dead,” and I’m inspired by how his curiosity and dedication to service have pushed his timeless storytelling to transcend entertainment. No matter where our individual paths may lead, Rubén reminds us that time is fragile, curiosity keeps us relevant, and “destinies are not inherited, destinies are made.”

Much like Rubén himself, his brand new album, “Salswing” is an exciting mix of style that celebrates the universal gift of music. A fusion of Jazz and Salsa, “Salswing” is yet another project of Rubén’s that offers us a chance to celebrate life, expand our experiences, and connect with each other.

What seeds will you plant today?


Album available here : Ruben Blades – Salswing

“Although the connection between Jazz and Salsa has been historically documented , much remains to be described and recognized. The combinations and collaborations between musicians of these genres have been numerous over the years and include figures of the stature of Mario Bauza and Dizzy Gillespie, Machito and Charlie Parker, Luis Russell and Louis Armstrong. With this production I try to continue that relationship, verifying that art does not have a nationality but rather represents a spirit that transcends races, geographies and languages.
The excellent Panamanian band that accompanies me, the Roberto Delgado Orchestra, constitutes proof of what I affirm: music is a universal gift and from Panama we renew our contribution with this album, SALSWING !.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do recording it and that in these difficult times it allows you to smile, dance and trust in a better future”.
Rubén Blades
April 15, 2021


Danay Garcia sits with Ruben Blades about life, music and the arts


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