Danay Garcia Podcast

Season 2 begins May 13th.

Welcome to the second season of “The Danay Garcia Podcast,” where we’ll continue to plant seeds in our lives and explore the world around us with a wide range of people and personalities in the fields of health, education, art, entertainment, business and more. This season, discoveries and revelations come in moments big and small, through laughter and raw honesty, and I’m thrilled to share every moment with you.

This podcast was born during quarantine, when my days were spent connecting with a beautiful international Instagram community and also outside in the dirt, wrestling with stubborn weeds and coaxing new life out of a neglected garden. It was then when I realized both gardens and people thrive with the same care – tending and nurturing for today, and planting seeds and preparing for tomorrow.

Join us and ask yourself, What seeds will you plant  today?


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